Friends, I live in Chicago and don’t have Russian

Денис Кацевич

11.11.2014 11:11:11
Friends, I live in Chicago and don’t have Russian keyboardand this is not funny. I just don’t know where else can I post it.What is the meaning of the letter of yuschenkowhich he sent into the NATOand which was signed by the arseniy yatseniukand Yulia Timoshenko ? -Somebody needs to fight in Iraqand in AfghanistanSo, the "Heavy Dudes", which try to pull the stringsfigured out that if they can’t find soldiers at home(to fight their wars)why not to bribe some thugs abroad ?the thugs, which would sent “their own" young people to fight thosewars.And who knows how many body bagswould the corporate empire need tomorrow ?And who knows what would be the “imperial" plans tomorrow ?!Right ?arseniy yatseniuk, yuschenko ( and the beautiful Yulia ?)is it so ?but friends,it's the betrayal of Ukraine and her people !Why the yuschenko wrote his letter into the NATO ?yuschenko is a human, who has children.and the Ukrainians must feed his children !it’s mandatory !and the Ukrainians must feed the yatseniuk also.So, what was the puzzle here ?- if the hyperinflations look like the crime todaywhy not to try something "new" ?Right ?- wrong.“your” new idea is actually a plagiarismof the ancient idea from the myth about Minotaur -how the ancient Greeks sent their Young and beautiful teensfar away abroad for sacrifices.It happened in the times of the lawlessness and brutal injustice -in the ancient times...It looks like it’s where the Ukrainians live now.why it happens ?It happens when those who shouldn’t be Nearby from the governmentare there and use their "skills" and "creativity" only in the genocidaldirection.also it happens when people don’t fight for themselves !Or if they fight, they do it without "desire" to win.But Friends,the people, the future of Ukraine and the Justiceare on Our side.Those, who put the INDEPENDENCE of Ukraine on the lineare not just the lawbreakers - they are the state criminalsand should be treated accordingly.Regards,Leo
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