Paul Girard: Admiral, I understand you're not much of a betting man.
Vice-Adm. Farley C. Barnswell: It depends on the game.
Paul Girard: Hmm. What is your pleasure... poker... roulette... what?
Vice-Adm. Farley C. Barnswell: No, those are house games. I don't much care for the odds.
Paul Girard: What about horse racing?
Vice-Adm. Farley C. Barnswell: On occasion... it depends on the race... sometimes the weather... and the horse does make the difference.
Paul Girard: Hmm. That's true, that's true. What about the Preakness? Have you got anything good going there?
Vice-Adm. Farley C. Barnswell: [Adm. Barnswell senses that Girard knows about the takeover plot] I only bet on sure things.
Paul Girard: Admiral, you're a very lucky sailor. That's exactly what I've got for you: a sure thing.
Vice-Adm. Farley C. Barnswell: What is the bet, Mr. Girard?
Paul Girard: The bet is that there are members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are involved in treason. We know who they are, we know the essence of the plan. Now from you, Admiral, I want a signed statement indicating at what moment you first heard of this operation and your complicity in this entire matter.
Vice-Adm. Farley C. Barnswell: Frankly, I wish I had more time.
Paul Girard: [sarcastically] I wish you did too, Admiral.
[tosses him a pen to write the statement]
Paul Girard: Unfortunately, you don't.

 Movie: Seven Days in May [1964] Movie: Seven Days in May [1964]

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