Jane Deborah Hilton: Colonel Smollett, do you mind being talked to at breakfast?
Colonel William G. Smollett: I most certainly do mind.
Jane Deborah Hilton: It's about Bill.
Colonel William G. Smollett: About whom?
Jane Deborah Hilton: Bill. You remember, your grandson.
Colonel William G. Smollett: Yes indeed, I do remember. What about him?
Jane Deborah Hilton: He's a nice boy.
Colonel William G. Smollett: A most interesting observation, Miss Hilton.
Jane Deborah Hilton: I'm afraid you don't understand him. He really needs you to help him, like a mother. He has an inferiority complex, and -
Colonel William G. Smollett: Young woman, I have handled men for 35 years, and I don't think I require any instructions on the subject, least of all about my own grandson!
Jane Deborah Hilton: I was only trying to help! He respects you so much!
Colonel William G. Smollett: Then I'll thank you to do the same and stop your intrusion in my affairs!
Jane Deborah Hilton: If you only knew the first thing about psychology you'd know better than to try to browbeat him. Colonel Smollett! Colonel Smollett, if you'd only listen.
Colonel William G. Smollett: You may advise your mother that henceforth I shall have a decent breakfast downtown for forty cents!
Jane Deborah Hilton: I think you're a rude, mean, horrible, old goat!

 Movie: Since You Went Away [1944] Movie: Since You Went Away [1944]

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