Joe Pitt: I think we ought to pray. Ask God for help. Ask him together.
Harper Pitt: God won't talk to me. I have to make up people to talk to me.
Joe Pitt: You have to keep asking.
Harper Pitt: I forgot the question?... Oh, yeah. God, is my husband a homo?
Joe Pitt: Stop it! Stop it! I'm warning you! Does it make any difference that I might be one thing deep within? No matter how wrong or ugly that thing is so long as I have fought with everything I have to kill it? What do you want from me? What do you want from me Harper, more than that? For God's sake, there's nothing left. I'm a shell. There's nothing left to kill. As long as my behaviour is what I know it has to be, decent, correct that alone in the eyes of God.
Harper Pitt: No, no, not that. That's Utah talk, Mormon talk. I hate it, Joe. Tell me, say it.
Joe Pitt: All I will say is that I'm a very good man who has worked very hard to become good and you wanna destroy that. You wanna destroy me but I am not gonna let you do that.
Harper Pitt: I'm gonna have a baby.
Joe Pitt: Liar!
Harper Pitt: You liar!... A baby born addicted to pills. A baby who does not dream but who hallucinates, who stares up at us with big mirror eyes and who does not know who we are.
Joe Pitt: Are you really?
Harper Pitt: No... Yes... No... Yes... Get away from me. Now we both have a secret.

 Movie: "Angels in America" [2003] Movie: "Angels in America" [2003]

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