Kagome: [She opens the door of the well house, but branches are coming through, blocking the well] Oh boy.
[She runs back to the God Tree]
Grandpa Higurashi: Great spirit of the sky, stop the snow from falling.
Kagome: [Runs up and touches the God Tree] Inuyasha! I can't get back! Inuyasha, say something if you can hear me!
Grandpa Higurashi: Kagome?
Sota Higurashi: She's finally lost it.
Kagome: Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: What is it?
Inuyasha: What is it?
Kagome: The well is full of roots, I can't get through!
Inuyasha: Kagome, use the sacred arrow of the priestess, use that to tear apart the roots. That's what Kaede says to do.
Kagome: But I don't have anything like that here!
[Looks down at the finger Inuyasha bandaged, then remembers that she cut her finger on a sacred arrow head buried in the bark]
Kagome: I do!
[Runs to her Grandfather, who is hold ceremonial arrow shafts without tips]
Kagome: Gramps, give me one of those!
[She jabs the shaft into the hold in the bark of the tree where the arrow head is. She keeps stabbing until the arrow head attaches to the shaft and she pulls it out]
Kagome: Got it! Inuyasha, I'll be right there!
[Grabs a ceremonial bow of her brothers]
Kagome: Let me borrow this.
Sota Higurashi: [Calmly] Cold, huh Gramps?
Grandpa Higurashi: Stew would be nice for dinner. Nice, hot stew.

 Movie: "Inuyasha" [2000] Movie: "Inuyasha" [2000]

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